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Peggy is the creator of the PBS Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD series and the founder of Gentle Stretch Yoga for seniors and others who need a gentle or modified approach to yoga.

Peggy has perfected an adaptable yoga program that is easy, effective, and enjoyable.  Peggy’s unique approach to yoga has adults finding they have energy and flexibility they never dreamed possible at their age.Peggy Tree Pose

For more than forty years, Peggy Cappy has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and guided relaxation, helping others create greater comfort and ease in body, mind and spirit. Her studies have taken her to India, the source of yoga, to study with yoga and meditation masters.

Peggy’s desire to create the Peggy Cappy PBS Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD series came from her interaction with a special group of elders that she has been teaching for decades. The average age of the group is over 80 and her oldest student is more than 100.

Because of the success of Peggy’s DVDs, St. Martin’s Press asked her to write a book on yoga. Peggy’s book Yoga for All of Us was released April 18, 2006. In the book, each pose is described in detail with easy-to-follow instructions. Her book is a great reference for anyone who would like to extend their yoga practice beyond the material presented in the DVDs.

Peggy has created audio programs that teach meditation and breathing techniques. Peggy knows that people often need special help in learning how to relax. Peggy’s audio programs for relaxation are designed to take you to a place of comfort in 15 minutes of listening.

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When one travels to exotic lands such as India, there are revelations that take one by surprise. From past travels to India, I knew to expect chaos and confusion, mystery and awe.  Anyone who has traveled there knows what I mean.

But in the midst of chaos all around, there is a place that is the center which is “I”, a center of peace and presence (just as the eye at the center of a hurricane is a place of powerful peace and stillness).

My experiences in India have taught me that regardless of what is happening around me, I can move into a center that is perfect peace. I can meet others who live from their center. Those meetings are extraordinary, transcending ordinary time and space.

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