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Peggy Cappy ClassYoga for the Rest of Us teacher training is for yoga teachers of all traditions, health practitioners (i.e., body workers, nurses, physical therapists, exercise instructors) and those whose practice focuses on seniors and others who need a modified approach to Yoga.
Senior citizens are a population who can see immediate and far-reaching benefits from practicing yoga but they must be offered a modified approach that takes into account their special needs. Peggy will teach you how to run a class for seniors that encompasses those needs, from adapted poses using a chair to their unique emotional/social needs.

There are no boundaries to the benefits of yoga.

Are you…?

  • A yoga teacher who wants to be able to teach a modified approach to yoga
  • A yoga student looking for a broader understanding of yoga and the possibilities for teaching
  • A new teacher wanting to gain greater confidence, abilities and skills
  • Someone with little background in yoga but who has a strong calling to help people
  • A viewer of public television who saw Peggy on TV and said, “I want to do that!”

Yoga can be adapted to benefit everyone:

  • Those who think they are “too old”
  • Students with temporary injuries
  • People who have long term challenges

Peggy’s Approach Is Unique

Peggy Cappy Yoga CloseJoin a magnificent group of interested students in a transformative week of learning. You will stretch and feel safe as you multiply your knowledge and understanding.

Participants Will Learn

  • The 12 Parts of a Yoga for Rest of Us Class
  • 6 Major Ways a Yoga for the Rest of Us class differs from a regular yoga class
  • Warm-ups as a gentle approach to ease the body into motion
  • Essential yoga poses, and ways to gradually increase a pose’s challenge and intensity
  • Principles of adapting yoga to your students’ needs and abilities
  • Groupings of yoga poses and the physical and psychological benefits of each
  • Guided visualizations and meditation (Dharana/Dhyana)
  • Simple, powerful breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Three different relaxation techniques (for Savasana)
  • Safety concerns for students
  • Opportunities for practice-teaching
  • Discussions of anatomy and physiology
  • Information on arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, joint replacement, etc.
  • Observation of Peggy teaching a class of seniors with opportunity to speak in depth with her students afterwards

In addition to the above we will discuss what makes a great teacher versus a good one. All participants have an opportunity to teach to the group and receive feedback on their presentations.

Registration/Cost/Additional Information

$895 for the 6 day course includes lunches, Yoga for the Rest of Us Training Manual, and a certificate for 40 hours training in the Yoga for the Rest of Us method.

Students must have Peggy’s book Yoga for All of Us (the book is a supplement to the manual) and, be familiar with at least one of Peggy’s DVDs.

For application and training schedule, or inquiries, contact us at or call 1-603-924-YOGA (9642).

No Lodging Needed

No lodging needed. Stay in the comfort of your own home.

Past Participant’s Comments

“I would encourage all yoga teachers to experience Peggy Cappy’s teacher training “Yoga For The Rest of Us”. Peggy’s genuine, gentle warmth shines through and she enables you to see your own unique strengths…”

PTownHall YogaClass 006“Peggy is a fantastic leader. I feel more empowered as a yoga teacher as a result of attending this training.”

“I just completed Peggy’s 5 day “Yoga for the Rest of Us” teacher training.  I am thrilled with my experience.   Peggy’s approach provides poses that are gentle, effective and most importantly, possible for those who might believe yoga and its benefits are beyond their reach.  The training is perfectly paced, thorough, and left me with the confidence that I am ready to teach this beautiful yoga.  I came to the training to learn ‘Yoga for the Rest of Us’ and in the process experienced my own transformation as a teacher and yoga practitioner. Peggy is truly a master teacher who wraps her entire process in love and acceptance.