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DoctorOver 95% of all disease is created by stress. If you can release the negative effects of stress, your body can heal itself from almost anything. Relief can be generated through simple activities that take only minutes a day. Use stress-busting breathing, spoken guidance to ease insomnia, techniques for deep relaxation, and uncomplicated yoga moves.

There are four major life-actions important to increasing and maintaining health, and decreasing the effects of stress. Even simple changes to improve these four result in significantly increased vitality and well being.

Physical movement to circulate oxygen, nutrients, and life force through the body and to remove toxins and wastes from tissues and cells. Use Yoga is an internal cleanser. The various poses compress the organs and squeeze out stale blood and fluids, permitting a flow of fresh nutrient-rich, oxygen-loaded blood to bathe the organs and tissues.

Better breathing increases available oxygen and regulation of gasses in the body. Use PRANAYAMA or breathing exercise to enhance.

Deep rest and great sleep
enhance immune system functioning, providing time and conditions for repair and restoration, both physically and mentally. Use our Sleep Ease for Insomnia and other relaxation CDs.

Good food provides optimal nourishment to supply fuel for the body and brain’s processes.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Health and Enjoy Your Life

  1. Our bodies communicate with us through each moment of our lives. Listening to your body by acknowledging and acting on feelings of comfort and discomfort, illness and health, or happiness and despair can lead you to a better understanding of your body’s needs.
  2. To fuel the fire that is your being, it is vital to consume only that which will benefit the body. Replace processed and artificial foods with fresh produce and whole grains.
  3. There is no medication as essential as rest. When you sleep uninterrupted for a period of eight hours, your body’s natural healing and rejuvenating abilities are free to work unencumbered by physical and mental stresses.
  4. Our breath is always with us. Breathing deeply and deliberately provides nourishment in the form of oxygen to the body, and also acts to relax the brain and nervous system.
  5. The human form has adapted for activity and something is lost when we deny ourselves movement in all forms. Exercise and stretching not only improve the body, increasing the effectiveness of the lungs and circulatory system while expelling toxins and boosting immunity, but also lifts the spirits by stimulating the body’s flow of pleasurable endorphins.
  6. Yoga unites the mind and the body, promoting health in both. Regular practice of the discipline’s complex movements tone and stimulate the physical form while increasing concentration, decreasing stress, and inspiring well-being.
  7. Balance must prevail for health to exist. Meditation can help you achieve a healthful balance in body and soul. Concentration, meditative breathing, or visualizations focus the mind and allow negativity to drain away, leaving you with a sense of control and self-awareness.
  8. Home is the heart of health. A change in your environment can inspire positive changes within your body. Clearing the clutter in your home may clear clutter in your body and soul.
  9. Challenges can be exhilarating but, when prolonged, cause stress. Sustained stress can lead to weakened immune function, sickness, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Take time to care for yourself and focus on relaxing solitary pursuits. What are your favorites?
  10. Look on the bright side of life. Laughter lowers levels of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and increases the levels of pleasurable endorphins within the body, leaving you with a happy afterglow and tension-free muscles. A positive outlook improves immunity and promotes faster healing after surgeries or illness.

In Summary

  • Listen to your body.
  • Consume only what benefits the body.
  • Rest well.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Exercise, including stretching.
  • Practice yoga to decrease stress and inspire well-being.
  • Meditate.
  • Clear your home and office of clutter.
  • Care for yourself through relaxing pursuits.
  • Laugh.