Survival Guide for Pain-Free Living 4-DVD Set


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This 4-DVD set contains essential stretches to re-balance your entire body from head to foot—hips, back, neck and shoulders, lower back, knees, ankles and wrists.

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For the first time, Peggy has partnered with a specialist, neuro-muscular therapist Lee Albert. On the broadcast show shown on public television (this is included for you on Disc 4), Lee explains that simple imbalances account for 80% of the pain in the body, and we share how this pain can be relieved with simple stretches.

This 4-DVD set contains step-by-step exercise routines that can be done alone or in segments, standing, seated, or with the support of a chair.

Disc 1: A half hour program of stretches to improve posture, and re-balance the hips for an elevated pelvis, a tilted pelvis, and torqued hips. This basic material is easy-to-learn and once learned can be added to your daily life anywhere, at home or work.

Disc 2: A half hour program of stretches and poses for the lower body, including feet and ankles and can alleviate the discomfort of lower back pain, sciatica, and pain in the hip, knee, and foot, including plantar fasciitis.

Disc 3: A 45-minute program of stretches and poses for the upper body that can alleviate headache and pain in the jaw, neck, shoulder, upper back, elbow and wrist, including carpal tunnel.

Disc 4: Lee and Peggy demonstrate solutions for preventing pain and ways to integrate stretches into everyday living. Also included is the 40-minute documentary program as seen on TV, highlighting stories of those who once suffered with pain but are now living pain-free, thanks to these gentle stretches.