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After the ceremony, once again Alan and I had a darshan with Mataji. She was pleased with the commitment we made to the last mantra practice. She wanted to give us a new mantra, a powerful mantra of protection. Since the last mantra was a long, 26- syllable recitation, I feared the new mantra would be even longer and more difficult.

But we said Yes.

And the new mantra wasn’t longer. It was shorter–only 9 syllables. We could do this!

Then the surprise.

Mataji told us we were to repeat this mantra of protection 900,000 times!

Yogini J. said it would be best to do 1,000,000 recitations to make sure we really completed the 900,000 because with that great number, there might be some mistakes. I can well imagine making a mistake on the way to counting a million!

How in the world would we keep track of that process?

Alan, the engineer, and my Sweetie, to the rescue!

Alan installed an app counter on our iphones.  After repeating one mala, (108) we would click the counter. In addition, he created an Excel spreadsheet with embedded formulas. We would record the number of mala repetitions at the end of each day, and the spreadsheet would calculate how many repetitions we had done–for the week, for the month, and in total, since the beginning.

By doing the math, Alan found that we would have to complete 12-13 malas a day (1,296-1,404 mantra repetitions) every day, for about two years to reach our one million goal.

It was a grand goal.

And I thought it would almost be a miracle if we could prevail.

What helped was my curiosity. What would be the effects be of a two-year-long consistent, daily practice?

It WAS a miracle that we did

  1. Stay with this practice, daily, for two years
  2. Complete the 1,000,000 recitations
  3. Reap the benefits to our whole beings: mind, and soul, and body

Our perceived benefits are a story of its own.

Achieving such a spectacular challenge has shown me the power of commitment and the power of consistent action towards an audacious goal.

So I ask you. What goal is worthy of your consistent action?

If you choose a big enough goal, and give it your all, amazing gifts await you!